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Reference Projects


(full cast unless otherwise indicated)


Based on the bestselling 2001 novel Eine Billion Dollar by Andreas Eschbach.

Format: 6x50’ SVOD series

Producer: Wiedemann & Berg / A Paramount+ German Original Series

Casting Berlin: Natascha Zimmermann

Casting Associate (IT): Chiara Pattinari

Directors: Florian Baxmeyer, Isabel Braak

Shooting Languages: German, Italian, French, English

MISS FALLACI (2023) – UK Casting

Seven-part series based on the life of iconic female journalist Oriana Fallaci

Format: SVOD series

Producer: Minerva / A Paramount+ Italian Original Series

Directors: Luca Ribuoli, Giacomo Martelli, Alessandra Gonnella 

Casting Director: Maurilio Mangano

Shooting Languages: Italian, English 


Gregor Samsa is a washed-up director hurtling towards the end of his 50s. 

Format: feature film

Producer: Nachtlichtfilm, Amour Fou 

Writer/Director: Oskar Roehler

Shooting Language: German

SCHIRKOA (2023) 

A bored office worker accidentally sparks a revolution in a bizarre dystopian world.

Format: animated feature

Producer: Dissidenz Films

Writer/Director: Ishan Schukla

Shooting Language: English

BARBARIANS – Casting Italy (S1 & S2)

Germanic warriors halt the advance of the Roman Empire in 9 A.D.

Format: 6x50’ SVOD series (two seasons)

Producer: Netflix Original Series by Gaumont Germany

Directors: Barbara Eder, Philipp Leinemann 

Casting Germany: Iris Baumüller

Shooting Languages: German, Latin


In the 1950s a large-scale American military presence opened up a whole new world 

Format: 6x50’ limited series

Producer: FFP New Media for Das Erste/ARD/Degeto

Director: Dror Zahavi 

German Casting Director: Marc Schötteldreier

Shooting Languages: German, English

FILIP (2022) – Casting Germany

Polish arthouse film set in WWII, based on the biography of cult author Leopold Tyrmand

Format: feature film

Producer: Akson Studio (PL)

Director: Michal Kwiecinski

Awards: Silver Lion at the Polish International Film Festival 

Polish Casting Director:  Marta Kownacka 

Shooting Languages: Polish, German, French, Italian 

SISTERS (2022) – US Casting 

Latvian/Italian co-production about two troubled teens adopted by an American family 

Producers: Fenix Film (LV), Albolina (IT)

Writer/Director: Linda Olte
Premiere: Warsaw International Film Festival (winner of Best Film)

Shooting Languages: Latvian, English

BRENNER (2022) – Casting Germany

Bolzano is the only Italian city in which two different cultures coexist… 

Format: 4 x 100’ limited network television series

Producer: Cross Productions for RAI 1

Director: Davide Marengo – Giuseppe Bonito

Italian Casting Director: Barbara Giordani

Shooting Languages: German, Italian

RESILIENT (2022) – Casting Germany

Based on the real-life story of Mario Capecchi, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Medicine

Format: feature film

Producer: Jean Vigo (IT), RAI Cinema

Director: Roberto Faenza

Shooting Languages: German, Italian, English


Based on the award-winning novel by Massimo Donati

Format: feature film

Producer: Master Five Cinematografica

Director: Massimo Donati

Shooting Languages: Italian, German, French, English

CURON (2020) – Casting Germany 

A mother and her teen kids return to her mysterious hometown village in Northern Italy 

Format: 6x50’ SVOD series

Producers: Indiana Productions (IT) for Netflix 

Directors: Fabio Mollo, Lyda Patitucci

Co-Casting Directors: Gabriella Giannattasio, Marco Matteo Donnat-Cattin

Shooting Language: Italian, German


Arthouse feature inspired by Daniel Barenboim's West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

Format: feature film

Producer (DE): CCC Filmkunst

Director: Dror Zahavi 

Shooting Languages: German, English, Hebrew, Arabic


Michela, a young Italian mother, crosses the Austrian border to work secretly as a prostitute. 

Format: feature film

Producer: Ombre Rosse (IT) 

Director: Giovanni Aloi 

Shooting Languages: Italian, German

HEAD FULL OF HONEY (2019) – Casting Italy

A man suffering from Alzheimer's embarks on a final road trip with his granddaughter.

Format: feature film

Producers: Barefoot Films (DE), Warner Brothers (DE) 

Director: Til Schweiger

Casting Director: Iris Baumüller

Shooting Language: English


Ötzi the Iceman magically reawakens and befriends a young boy.

Format: feature film

Producer: One More Pictures (IT), RAI Cinema (IT) 

Director: Gabriele Pignotta

Shooting Languages: English, Italian 

AMELIE RENNT (2017) – Street Casting of Male Lead

A girl struggling with asthma is taken to a clinic in South Tyrol to be cured. 

Format: feature film

Producers: Lieblingsfilm (DE), Helios Sustainable Films (IT) 

Director: Tobias Wiemann

Casting Director: Uwe Bünker

Awards: German Film Award, Berlinale Crystal Bear – Special Mention, Golden Sparrow

Shooting Language: German

KÖNIG LAURIN (2015) – South Tyrol Casting 

Based on the Dolomite legend of Dwarf King Laurin 

Producer: Sparkling Pictures (DE) 

Director: Matthias Lang

Casting Director: Daniela Tolkein

Shooting Language: Germany


FORD VS. FERRARI (2019) – Casting Italy

The Ford Motor Company challenges Ferrari for the crown of Formula One racing at Le Mans

Format: feature film

Producer (US): Twentieth Century Fox 

Director: James Mangold

Awards: Four Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture

Casting Director: Ronna Kress

Shooting Languages: English, Italian 

A HIDDEN LIFE (2019) – Casting Italy

The Austrian Franz Jägerstätter, a conscientious objector, refuses to fight for the Nazis

Format: feature film

Producers: Grant Hill (US) and Studio Babelsberg (DE) 

Writer/Director: Terrence Malick

Awards: In Competition at Cannes 2019

Casting Director: Anja Dihrberg 

Shooting Languages: English, German

SAM – A SAXON (2023) – Additional Casting

Based on true events, the miniseries tells the story of Samuel Meffire, the first Afro-German police officer in East Germany.

Format: limited series

Producer: Big Window Productions, Panthertainment for Disney+

Showrunner: Jörg Winger

Shooting Language: German

DAVOS (2024) – Casting Italy

A spy thriller set in the Swiss Alpine town of Davos during WW1

Format: limited series

Producers: Letterbox, Contrast Film / ARD, SRF

Directors: Jan-Eric Mack & Anca Miruna Lazarescu

Shooting Languages: German, Italian 


Season two continues the history of the Wolf family in post-war Germany in the 40s and 50s.

Format: ongoing network television series

Producer: UFA Fiction / ARD

Director: Mira Thiel

Casting Director: Nina Haun

Shooting Language: German

DIE DIPLOMATIN (2023) – Casting Italy

Format: TV series (90’)

Producer: UFA Fiction / ARD

Director: Roland Suso Richter

Casting Directors: Nina Haun, Mai Seck, Lex de Groot 

Shooting Language: German, Italian 

WHAT WE WANTED (2021) – Casting Italy

A couple facing fertility issues finds their marriage tested on a vacation to a Sardinian resort.

Format: feature film

Director: Ulrike Kofler

Producer: Picture Tree / Netflix

Awards: Austria’s nomination for 2021 Best International Feature Film Academy Award  

Casting Director: Rita Waszilovics

Shooting Languages: German, Italian 

IN GUERRA PER AMORE (2016) – US/UK Casting

A tender love story intertwines with the allied conquest of Sicily during WWII.

Format: feature film

Producer: Wildside (IT)

Director: PIF (Pierfrancesco Diliberto)

Casting Director: Francesca Borromeo

Shooting Languages: Italian, English


SNOW (2023) – Development Casting

When the snow is gone old secrets see the light of day

Format :6x50’ SVOD series

Producers: Primary Pictures, X-Filme for ORF

Directors: Catalina Molina, Ester Rauch

Shooting Language: German

NARZISS UND GOLDMUND (2019) – South Tyrol Casting

Based on the 1930 novel by Hermann Hesse.

Format: feature film

Producers: Mythos Film Produktion, Tempest Filmproduktion

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzsky  

Casting Director: Anja Dihrberg

Shooting Language: German

VITE IN FUGA (2019) – South Tyrol Casting

Format: Limited series, RAI 

Producer: Paypermoon Italia (IT)

Director: Luca Ribuoli

Casting Director: Stefano Rabbolini

Shooting Languages: Italian, German

ICEMAN (2017) – South Tyrol Casting

Writer/director Felix Randau depicts the first unsolved murder case in human history.

Format: feature film

Producers: Port au Prince (DE), Echo Film (IT), Lucky Bird (DE) und Amour Fou (AT) 

Director: Felix Randau

Casting Director: Emrah Ertem

Shooting Language: Ancient Rhaetian 

THE CORRESPONDENCE (2016) – South Tyrol / German Casting

The relationship between an astronomer and his lover, who spend their years apart

Format: feature film

Producer: Paco Cinematografica (IT) 

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore 

Casting Director: Jeremy Zimmermann 

Shooting Language: English

MAIKÄFER FLIEG! (2015) – South Tyrol Casting

A film adaptation of Christine Nöstlinger’s classic novel Maikäfer flieg!

Producer: KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production (AT) 

Director: Mirjam Unger

Casting Director: Nicole Schmied

Award Nominations/Wins: Austrian Film Awards (3); Romy Award (3)

Shooting Language: Germany

ENDABRECHNUNG (2016) – South Tyrol Casting

Format: procedural, ORF

Producer: Allegro Film (AT)

Director: Umut Dag

Casting Director: Nicole Schmied

Shooting Language: Germany

DER BOZEN KRIMI (2016) – South Tyrol Casting

Format: procedural, Das Erste/ARD

Producer: JoJo Films (DE) 

Director: Thorsten Näter

Casting Director: Gitta Uhlig

Shooting Language: Germany

Filmography: Gallery
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